27 October 2008

So Halloween is here and I'm frantically reading forums and blogs about possible halloween game ideas. I'm not even sure if anyone reads my blog, but I thought I'd try anyway. I like group games, like the Name Game, or Celebrity, or Mafia, but I want it to be more themed to Halloween.

I read somewhere that you could play Mafia and just change the names to Werewolves instead of Mafia. Not a bad idea, but I'm not satisfied.

I like that winking game that you play in candle light, with one person being the murderer and they wink at people and the people being winked at die. However, if you're not the murderer and you see someone wink, then you make an accusation. If your accusation is right, you win, if you're wrong, you die. Is that really how you play that game? I can't remember all the details, but it sounds fun 'cause of the candle light and all.

I want to dip apples in carmel and/or maybe chocolate and have lots of sides to add to them. Maybe have bowls on the side with chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, m&m's, cinnamon and sugar, graham cracker crumbs, etc. (Any other great ideas? Please reply.)

We have some great decorations, but I want everyone to have fun. Please give me some ideas. I'll post some pictures of costumes.

15 April 2008

Spring is almost done

Spring semester is almost done. I'm excited to be done with yet another semester. I've also registered for Summer and I'm excited to get 9 credits done over the summer. That'll leave one semester left. December here I come. I can't wait to be done with my undergrad. I'm so sick of crappy teachers and crappy students in my class. I'm ready to move on.

Also, just for good measure I've sold my XBOX 360 and I'm on a mission to do something better with my time than play video games every free second. It's time to grow up and I'm ready to embrace it.

29 January 2008


Merry Christmas to me!

27 July 2007

Harry Potter 7

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I just finished... I'm sad it's done.

04 March 2007


Who sent me this? I love it.

New favorite game is passing notes with true secrets of your own.

I love the temple

One of the few things that can clear my head.

06 February 2007

All the Real Girls...

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Man I love that movie. That part where they're in the bowling ally and he's hugging her waist so awesomely awkwardly, but for some reason it's perfect. He then tells her he wants to dance but doesn't want her to watch. "I can do this for a solid hour." I love everything about that movie. Mmmm. So good.